Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Amorphous Cocoon

Bocetos de capullos 3

Bocetos de capullos 2

Bocetos de capullos

True Shield

True Shield: 3rd screen-print. Even though cubans in the island might be struggling daily to survive, the good humor and the laughter is always a big part of any cuban life.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Memories: This was the 2nd screen-print I made. I did it thinking of the mixture of cultures I grew up with. The ones I represent this time is Spain and United States.

Fate Irony

Fate Irony: This was the first screen-print I made and I did it thinking of the Jose Marti and the situation of Cuba right now. The government in the Island called Jose Marti “the intellectual leader of the revolution”(Fidel Castro’s revolution). This got me thinking because if this is true, this means that Jose Marti actually fought for the Cuba that exists today, which is an incorrect thought. The manipulation of information is so big that the government only lets you see and understand what they want. This is why I placed Marti inside of the silhouette of the little rationalized book every cuban citizen has in the island.

For me homeland is the people. Homeland is not simply the place where you live, the place where you were born. You can be born in any place of this world and not feel it like yours. You feel that place yours when you see people like you, when people go through the same as you do, and you are capable of feeling people’s problems like yours. For me that is homeland and it is everything.

"REVOLUCION" is a piece referring to the real revolutionaries of the island. To those millions of cubans that make a revolution out of their lives daily to survive themselves and their families. Since I was born, I only saw one type of revolution in my country, and was the one I saw at home and in the homes of people my family and I socialized with. I saw how every professional in their field having a job by the government had to look for other jobs on the street, the majority of times in the black market to provide food for their families because the food the government provided them lasted the most 10 to 15 days every month. Nothing has changed since then in Cuba.

"Are the Children the Hope of the World?"

In this work I wanted to talk about the optimism Jose Marti always had for the upcoming times in-brazed by those little innocent souls. Here is when my optimism starts to crumble at a slow pace when I see the present of my island. A present considered a future by the apostle. I do support the idea that the children are the hope of the world. They are the hope for saving this planet from its shortage. But I ask myself if the children are the ones in charge, or is it the treatment they receive from a specific society, the educational system they are submissive to and all the social events the are protagonist of in their childhood, adolescence and adulthood?