Tuesday, December 21, 2010

For me homeland is the people. Homeland is not simply the place where you live, the place where you were born. You can be born in any place of this world and not feel it like yours. You feel that place yours when you see people like you, when people go through the same as you do, and you are capable of feeling people’s problems like yours. For me that is homeland and it is everything.

"REVOLUCION" is a piece referring to the real revolutionaries of the island. To those millions of cubans that make a revolution out of their lives daily to survive themselves and their families. Since I was born, I only saw one type of revolution in my country, and was the one I saw at home and in the homes of people my family and I socialized with. I saw how every professional in their field having a job by the government had to look for other jobs on the street, the majority of times in the black market to provide food for their families because the food the government provided them lasted the most 10 to 15 days every month. Nothing has changed since then in Cuba.

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